Monday, July 27, 2015

ELA Morning Work

Whew! I am so happy to announce the release of my ELA Morning Work Bundle! I have worked so hard on this product almost all summer long.
   This bundle includes the following Morning Work/ Bell Ringer products, plus a BONUS Notes Handout for student morning work binders.
You can find all of these products HERE, HERE, and HERE

Did I mention that these products are 50% for the first 24 hours they're posted? That means the Bundle of all products (a $40 value) is available for just $15! Wow!

I use Morning Work as a classroom management tool. Students know each morning to come in, put the book bags away, have their homework ready to check on their desks, and begin working on morning work. On the off chance I had to run to the restroom or wasn't in the room right when the bell rings, students knew exactly what to do. We go over these procedures for weeks at the beginning of school. It makes the rest of the year run very smoothly!

What are your best practices in classroom management? How do your students "get started" each day?

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