Wednesday, July 29, 2015


SCOOT is such a fun way to practice almost any skill you're working on. Have you ever played it?

To prepare, I like to cut out and laminate all the "cards" for durability. 

There are a few variations to setting up SCOOT, but my preferred method is to place the cards all around the room. (You could also distribute cards one per desk and have students rotate desks.) Have students start by finding a card -- one student per card --  and wait for my signal. I will give about 30 seconds (more or less depending on the work) for students to answer the problem on a corresponding answer document.

Then after the 30 seconds (or so) is up, I call out, "SCOOT!" Students then move to the next card. I like to keep things flowing clockwise for organization. This keeps going until everyone has reached every card. 

The kids love it because they get to move around! I love it because it gets them interested!

Check out my newest SCOOT/Task Card product HERE. Do you play SCOOT in your class? What subject do you mostly use it in?


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