Monday, August 3, 2015

August Currently

~ I am currently ~

  • Listening: to Property Brothers on HGTV. I have an addiction. It's bad.
  • Loving: my cold AC. It gets really hot in South Alabama! Right now it's close to 100. No thanks.
  • Thinking: "I really need to head up to the school and clean." But it's my last week of vacation so... maybe not.
  • Wanting: more hours in the day. I feel like I have a ton to do and I'm running out of time.
  • Needing: lunch. :)
  • B2S RAK: door prizes for my faculty presentation. A coworker and I went to a conference this summer and we're sharing what we learned next week during professional development week.

What are you currently up to? Go visit FARLEY to share your "currents". :)



  1. When I read your "wanting" section I thought of Save By the Bell and Jesse crying about how "there's no time, there's never any time". I completely agree with you, where did summer go? I went from thinking I had plenty of time and I'm in the same boat of a growing to do list, it's amazing how it all gets done.

    I wish you luck on your presentation! I always like hearing from my fellow teachers!

    1. It goes so fast doesn't it! But you're right, it'll all come together!

  2. Oh goodness..."Property Brothers" sure got my attention! I can't get enough of them!

    Door prizes always get people to be way more enthusiastic and pay more attention! Love that idea!

    Good luck next week! :)

    1. I'm hoping the door prizes do the trick! ;)

  3. Love your August Currently, I can't believe it's already August and B2S time. I feel like with our strange Chicago weather this year it's JUST NOW feeling like summer. My school has NO A/ if it stays this hot....YIKES! Do you have A/C in your school in Alabama? Also...who's your FAVE Property Brother?!?!?!?! ;-)

    It's Elementary, My Dear!

    1. We have A/C.... but they turn it off in the summer so it's hot as all get out when we return! I usually bring in 2-3 oscillating fans to help the first week until it cools off. :)

      And I'm totally #TeamDrew