Thursday, August 6, 2015

Technology Websites

I love using technology in my class. I feel like kids today really need to have technology skills to be ready for the future. It's been almost 20 years since I was in fifth grade myself and I can remember a teacher telling me that one day every student would have their own computer to use. That just blew my mind. Then I became a teacher at a school with 1-to-1 MacBooks. That blew my mind further! :)

Because technology can be so overwhelming, it's important for me (and the kids... and the parents) to have an organization system. I created this form for parents and students to keep track of my favorite websites. Check under the pictures for a little about each website.

First, the students write their log-in information. Since one copy goes home and one copy stays in their desk, no one can say they "don't know it".

Moby Max. I first started using Moby Max last year and feel like I probably haven't used it to its full potential. Other teachers at my school brought it to my attention and raved about it's uses. You will have to register your school first if it hasn't been already.

Moodle. This is a site exclusive to our county offering classroom pages for each teacher for document uploads and downloads, forums, online quizzes... it's really fantastic! You can read more about Moodle HERE.

Spelling City. Oh, how I love Spelling City. I have all of my spelling lists loaded and kids can access the lists any time. There are also practice games. I use these for homework. (If someone forgets their laptop at school or maybe doesn't have WiFi at home, we have an alternative written assignment.) I just log in every morning and check to see who completed the "assigned" games. 

Remind (formerly Remind 101). This free texting site is fantastic for communicating with parents. The best part (for me) is the privacy-- the parents never see your number. I generally text once a month so parents are more likely to participate.

Studies Weekly. This is the website that corresponds to our social studies curriculum. If you also use Studies Weekly, check out my resources HERE and the Mega Bundle of all my SW materials HERE.

Think Central also directly corresponds to our math curriculum. You can find out more HERE.

Discovery Ed and iCurio are awesome search tools for kids to safely look up information. I also show many United Streaming videos through Discovery Ed. Find out more about Discovery Ed HERE and more about iCurio HERE.

NewsELA  has lots of reading support with real time news reports. Levels and basic comprehension quizzes make this fast and easy reading. 

Edmodo. Facebook for your fifth graders. How fun! This will be my first time using social media with my kiddos, but I'm hoping to start meaningful dialogue about what we're learning. This is so important for kids in a 1-1 laptop classroom. Keyboarding is key! Between this site and Dance Mat Typing the kids have a great time learning and invaluable skill.

I hope these links have been useful. How do you use technology in your classroom? Any websites I forgot? Let me know in the comments!


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